Below is pricing for travel to and from Carlisle. The discounted price is for eligible seniors and disabled persons. The full price is for Carlisle residents that do not meet the criteria for the discounted rate.

Vouchers Required Destinations
One-Way Rides, To or from the following Towns/Cities
Discounted Price Full Price
1 Carlisle $3 $9
2 Acton, Bedford, Billerica, Chelmsford, Concord, Westford* $6 $12
3 Littleton, Lowell, Burlington, Lexington, Lincoln, Maynard* $9 $16
4 Arlington, Belmont, Harvard, Waltham, Winchester, Woburn* $12 $20
5 Cambridge, Somerville, Medford, Stoneham, Newton, Watertown* $15 $24
6 Boston (Airport Trips not eligible, nor rides over 30 miles)* $18 $28


  1. Includes rides to towns of similar distance.
  2. Registration through the Carlisle COA is required to buy CTS vouchers.
  3. One way pricing based on $3 per voucher. Vouchers obtainable through the Carlisle Council on Aging.
  4. Rides outside of 30 miles from Carlisle may be arranged directly with Flow Transportation but are not part of the CTS program.
  5. To schedule rides please call Flow Transportation at least 48 hours in advance at (978) 602-5606
  6. Companions of any age for those needing assistance to travel may accompany the rider at no additional cost.
  7. Sharing of vouchers is limited to a maximum of two seniors or disabled persons departing from and going to the same destinations.
  8. Special requests must be cleared with Flow Transportation in advance for pricing and scheduling, particularly if there is a need for multiple stops or a long waiting time between rides as Flow needs to account for additional scheduling time for both their vehicles and drivers.