Did you know that besides our regular COA van service, we work with two other firms to offer discounted transportation options for seniors and those with disabilities? For information on either service please call the COA at (978) 371-2895.

Flow Transportation Discount – The first Carlisle Rides program is with Flow Transportation, a livery service company, which can be reached at (978) 602-5606. Flow accepts discount voucher-tickets for Carlisle seniors or those with disabilities. The vouchers may be purchased at the COA office. Rides are available on a best efforts basis only, please call at least 72 hours in advance.

Our newest service is Lyft Discount – The second Carlisle Rides program is with the ride sharing firm Lyft. For those who are eligible, we’re offering up to $10 discounts on four Lyft rides per month that occur within 55 miles of Carlisle Town Hall. In order to be eligible for the discount you need to be a Carlisle resident age 50 and over, or age 18 and above with a disability. The discount is applied directly, so you do need to have an active Lyft account to participate. Please contact the COA at (978) 371-2895 for registration information.

Go Go Grandparent—What if you would like to use Lyft or Uber, but don’t have a ‘smart’ phone. Go Go Grandparent, (GGG) is a company that enables those who may not be smartphone users to access these on-demand transportation services by ordering rides on landlines or flip phones. Their ride services are available 24/7. Call to register at (855) 464-6872 or through their website: https://gogograndparent.com/. You do not pay the driver, the cost will be added to the credit or debit card that you supply in the registration process.